Sign Up For Campaign Updates Today!

Thank you for popping by! This update is incredibly short! It’s as simple as this call to action:

Sign Up For Campaign Updates Today!

Campaign updates will be sent out regularly, though no more than once per day. Most weeks will be only a few updates a week, with the frequency growing as election day nears.

Updates will include pertinent updates for community members about things going on in the community, COVID-19 updates, position and policy news, city happenings, and campaign events and highlights.

We hope you will join us in this space for news and alerts in what is surely an unprecedented time to be politically active!

2 Comments on “Sign Up For Campaign Updates Today!”

  1. Committing to the aesthetic of Camarillo is a really important part of my Community Mindset. I plan to publish more details and documentation of my values and “plans” or ideas for Camarillo on August 1st, and will be sending out more information about the real nitty gritty of it then. But yes, I think that there has to be a healthy balance of businesses and residential communities. And when a business boards up, I believe that we should be making sure we don’t just move down the street and develop something new, leaving the old, dilapidated buildings to just wilt. Innovative solutions and fast forwarding Camarillo into a more live-work environment that is both aesthetically appeasing, and practical for the needs and economic status of the community, is also very important to me. Thanks for your question!


  2. One of the things I love about Camarillo is how nice our streets are landscaped ,and keeping businesses low profile for advertising. Would you still want that for Camarillo


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