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If you already know my positions, you can cut to the endorsement page to add your name and title to my endorsements list when it is published later this month.

However, I understand you may want to get to know me more first. Please consider the following endorsement letter, that is being sent out to all my current and potential supporters.

Thanks for considering me for your personal endorsement!

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

I am excited to announce that I am running for the Camarillo City Council, for the District 4 position. I am starting off my campaign by reaching out to you as a leader in the community to ask for your endorsement.

I bring to my candidacy over 15 years as a Community Organizer, both in professional and volunteer positions. I am now currently a writer and full time mother of three, but the impetus to run for public office has become more urgent as the pressing issues of our community demand a leader that is up for the task of moving Camarillo into the future.

Among the issues in the community that are key to me are: public health and safety, innovation in infrastructure and city planning, and strategic and bold initiatives to flash Camarillo into the future. 

I believe that the economy of Camarillo would be best supported by bolstering efforts to further public health and safety initiatives, especially to garner more community involvement in addressing the coronavirus pandemic, setting us up to more effectively manage future health and safety issues. Protecting workers, especially those in underserved and low income sectors of the community, is essential to Camarillo’s success. 

Further, Camarillo’s roads have a long-overdue need for upgrade and revitalization. Beyond simply repairing roads damaged and unsuited for the amount of traffic the city now sees on a daily basis, we as a community need to look to more sustainable and green options, such as expanding bike paths and walkways. Moreover, I believe our public transit within the city needs to be re-envisioned for expansion, efficiency, and accessibility, and made affordable for a broader range of ages and income levels.

Camarillo is home to an array of beautiful parks and wildlife, as well as open spaces like hiking trails and dog parks. We are also home to a botanical garden, and one of the largest collections of bird specimens at the Western Foundation of Vertebrate Zoology. It is my belief that the preservation of these spaces becomes less of a priority for the community at large as the years go by, and if elected I commit to reverse that trend and focus my efforts as a leader to prioritizing the city’s support and community involvement in the preservation of these spaces, and in bolstering the PVRPD as a top priority for the future of Camarillo. 

Lastly, I believe that so many of the things that have happened in our communities, and the nation at large, have shined a light on deficiencies and inequities in our society that Camarillo is in a prime position to pioneer into the future on. Among them, I believe expanding public access areas to WiFi is a vital part of the stabilization of our now work-at-home workforce, as well as our educational system. I also firmly believe in the power of community organizing and volunteer-based task forces, that can come together as a more coalesced community to recognize our diversity and uniqueness, and to address inequities that may exist for a more inclusive community that people are proud to call “home.” 

I am running a lean campaign, and focusing my efforts during the next few months not only on running for the office, but using this time to start some of the work of broader community awareness and education on these issues that are critical to my campaign. 

If you would like to discuss my ideas, or to chat further I can be reached at 805.427.4206, or here by email. Also, if you have a questionnaire process for consideration, I would love the opportunity to expand upon my positions there. I would be honored if you would consider endorsing my candidacy for a brighter future for Camarillo.


Heather Schmidt

Candidate – Camarillo City Council District 4

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