Dear Voters –

Monday, August 24, 2020

I am excited to announce that I am running for the Camarillo City Council, for the District 4. I am starting off my campaign by reaching out to you as a voter in this community. Your email address was provided to me by the County Elections Division, but don’t worry – I’m not adding you to any spam email blast lists. I just wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself and open the door to more dialogue about the future of our city.

I bring to my candidacy over 15 years as a Community Organizer, both in professional and volunteer positions. My more recent volunteer work is among that of which I am most proud: I founded the Village at the Park Neighborhood Watch group to support our police and neighborhood, and have organized and educated through outreach at the Camarillo Art Center. Prior to moving into the volunteer sector, I worked professionally on wages, health care and job initiatives at the Ventura County Working People’s Alliance.

I am now currently a writer, volunteer organizer, and full time mother of three, but the impetus to run for public office has become more urgent as the pressing issues of our community demand a leader that is up for the task of moving Camarillo into the future, for our children and grandchildren, as well as for the protection of our seniors and other vulnerable populations largely left to fend for themselves through the course of this pandemic. I feel very strongly that the best way to support our businesses and get people back to work is to hit public health with a community-based, proactive, and out front effort. We want our kids back to school, and our economy back wide open – and I see so many strategic and easy ways leadership could do this to weather the storm of the pandemic. 

I see so many areas where our city is lacking the kind of leadership that addresses the needs of all Camarilloan’s, but rather than focus on all those negatives, let’s talk about the positives and what I see for the future of our city:

  • Public health and safety, including ramping up efforts to support our police department, first responders, and front line workers through the course of the pandemic and beyond with programs for community policing and engagement
  • Innovation in infrastructure that look to make our roads safer for drivers, bikes, scooters, and pedestrian traffic through strategic planning and forward thinking safety measures
  • Ramping up efforts to create a sustainable and resilient future for the city, including solar battery back upssolar in the public squares, and areas of publicly accessible WiFi that do not disappear when public places are closed for emergencies, such as they were during the pandemic
  • Revitalizing our culture and arts sector with city based projects to beautify Camarillo, protect our open spaces, diversify our portfolio of job creation for Camarillo residents, and preserve the history and legacy of our community

Camarillo deserves leadership that is proactive, transparent, and accountable. I believe I am that leader, and I bring those 15 years of service to my community as evidence to that. 

Please consider getting involved in my campaign, by checking out my website, attending a Zoom event, watching for new campaign videos, podcasts, and updates on my social media; and if you support a brighter future for Camarillo, displaying a sign in your yard or volunteering for our campaign.

I can be reached at the campaign office at 805.427.4206, or here by email and would be honored to talk more with you about what we want for our city. 


Heather Schmidt


Camarillo City Council District 4

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