Heal Camarillo

It’s election season. Eight weeks from today, exactly, we will be heading to the polls (or, for many of us, the ballot drop boxes), so it’s time for us to be able to talk about the issues that will affect us for the long term.

Which means… we need to stop bickering about semantics! Let’s come together in advance of the community forum on policing that is being held during the City Council meeting. We can support the Black community AND our police department.

Please join us for a peaceful, socially distanced, gathering at Constitution Park. We aren’t going to debate. We will be in a purely NO NEGATIVITY zone. Come with positive signs for all members of our community.

Because here’s the bottom line: Black lives DO matter. All lives matter also. And BLUE LIVES? They deserve us to be unified for the safety of Camarillo.

Please join me!

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